The Primavera Collection is the result of hard working and effective cooperation between Creative and production department. The colors, patterns and shapes are carefully refined to get completely new look in the classic spirit with modern and excellent garment cuttings. With the combination of premium material and the world fashion trends from Milan and Paris, Valentino Creations refresh themselves with modern casual style. These luxurious, elegant and dynamic clothing are designed for fashionable people with busy lifestyle.


The process of choosing materials is a vital step in product design to ensure the highest possible standard of end products. The outfits of this season are more prominent and unique, including overcoat, great coat, leather jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, ... Wool material is the "soul" of the collection due to its outstanding warming characteristic.

Premium wool material is the "soul" of Primavera collection.

Wool has become a new fabric trend dominated the fashion in Winter - Spring 2019, marked the spectacular return of natural materials. With its competitive features such as high elasticity, 3 times more warm than traditional wool, good water resistance, wool has been used in almost Primavera products. Thanks to the awesome natural characteristics of wool blend and new technology, Valentino Creations’s wool products all have outstanding UV protection (better than cotton), fire-resistant and antistatic properties. People who love high-end garments made from natural materials can not ignore this material.


The Primavera collection marked an impressive movement of Valentino Creations in the winter style. You can create your own layer styles easily to get an impressive look. Mixing of blazer and t-shirts or waistcoat is such a great suggestion for you.

Creative layering style

Primavera Collection's main colors are deep tones like black, dark blue, deep red, honey brown and blue. All are mixed together to form an expressive picture. Primavera's highlight is the flexible Great coat for comfort and ease of movement. Shorter than trench coat, Valentino Creations Great coat brings elegant, strong and attractive style. The inside padding helps the wearer looks more creative and active.

Great coat designs help you change your style flexibly.

Valentino Creations has combined harmoniously the exquisite cuts, comfort, trendy outfits and premium materials. The brand always upholds new exploration and innovative designs to create a completely new look. These are Primavera’s desirable products with dynamic style.