Thank you very much for your trust in our products.

To ensure you enjoy full benefits when shopping, please note:
- Check the products carefully before payment.
- Check and sign the sales slip after payment.
- It is possible to request for exchange slip if the product will be used to give; take it with the product instead of sales slip when you want to exchange.
- Keep the purchase documents as a proof for exchange and warranty.
- If you do not receive a sales slip after payment or you have any complaint about the product / service, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Team, Hotline: 0939 188 988 or Email:


Do not accept returns for refund in any case.
You can exchange products within 07 days (including Saturdays, Sundays, holidays) from the date of purchase printed on the sales slip or exchange slip.
Purchased products can be exchanged only one time at domestic stores.
The policy is applied to products that satisfy two following conditions:
Products purchased in the domestic official stores with sales slip / exchange slip / VAT invoice attached.
That is new and unused products with intact stamp, labels and accessories attached. Products / labels / accessories are not dirty, scratched, damaged, torn, dented, smelled due to external impacts after purchase.
Promotional products or underwears can not be exchanged.
Customer can exchange to the other product if its original price is equal or higher the original price of the purchased product.
Changing the size / number (same product code, same color): free of charge.
Exchanging to promotion products: will base on the orignial price, customers will pay the difference (if any).
No refunds will be given in this case.
In exceptional cases, VMG's decision is the final decision.

VMG Fashion will fix any problem of glue and sewing lines. If the product details need to be replaced, VMG Fashion will charge for replacement.