1. Instructions for using cotton clothes (Shirts, T-shirts)
Characteristics of cotton fibers and products
Cotton fabrics are natural cotton made from tropical cotton plants. It is weaved to create breathable fabrics. It becomes the world's favorite product due to great charateristics: soft, comfort, sweat absorbing, keep cool in hot weather and warm in the winter.
Premium shirts are made of luxurious, delicate cotton fabrics from world renowned suppliers such as Thomas Mason, Albini Group, Tessitura Monti, Getzner. This high-grade cotton fabric is made from the most beautiful, high-end natural cotton. The supply chain and manufacturing process is strictly controlled by the manufacturer: growing, selecting and weaving; using advanced technology to achieve the highest quality standards. 
2. How to identify cotton fabric?
Sensory recognition: there is little fuzz on the fabric surface, feel very smooth, soft and cool by touching it. Take a piece of thread and try to break, it is tougund 30 minutes before washing.
- Do not squeeze clothes tightly.
- Dry the clothes in reverse, t-shirt / wool, lay flat to dry, silk shirt should be dry-cleaned.
- Avoid direct sunlight, dry in the shade.
Iron the clothes in reverse at the appropriate temperature (150 degrees). For dark colored clothes, put a lining on the clothing surface and iron on it. 
- Read the instruction manual.
Instructions for using genuine leather products (leather jackets, leather shoes, leather handbags, leather belts, leather wallets, ...).
Clothing products made from animal skins bring the users luxury, elegance style as well as great fashion experiences. Then how to keep the leather products always like-new for longer?

 How to recognize genuine leather.
Sensory recognition:
Genuine leather products have pores on the skin’s surface that can be recognized easily.
By pressing your finger, a concavity will appear due to the elasticity of genuine leather.
Genuine leather products have sweat smell of animals.
Dropping little water on the skin, the water will spread and penetrate the leather after few minutes.
Thermal recognition:
The smell of burning real leather is similar to burning hair.
Use and storage:
- You should not stuff items overload in your bag or leather products to keep its original shape. The bags or leather products will always look beautiful and last longer by this way.
- It is advisable to store leather products (shoes, bags, purses, belts, ...) immediately   after using. Do not leave them around to avoid insect penetration. It is best to place them in boxes and leave in a dry place.
- If you want to store a leather product for a while, you should line tissue or other soft papers inside the bag before putting it in dustbag or box (which always comes with bags or leather products you bought).- 
- Do not try to bend bony scales on crocodile skin. If you try to do it many times, the scale will be broken and lose the artistic aesthetic of crocodile skin.
- Pay attention to the polish color to make sure it matches the color of the leather product, because the natural skin color is easily lost.
- Keep your leather products away from water, lubricants (grease), cosmetic, perfume, chemical such as axeton or dirt like mud and soil.
- Protect your leather products from the sun, high temperature and humidity to avoid quick fading, dryness, cracking or mold.
- Do not place leather shoes, bags, purses, belts, backpacks directly on the floor, especially in the rainy season (high humidity) to avoid mold and moisture damage.
- Do not use leather accessories when the weather is wet, raining or you are sweating, as moisture will harden the leather surface.
- If your high-class leather handbags or shoes unfortunately get wet; do not dry them immediately, you may cause wrinkle and crack on the surface. You should wipe off water with a soft dry cloth then place them in a well-ventilated room and let them dry naturally.
- Do not soak or wash leather goods in water. If the product is dirty, use a soft cloth to wipe off.